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Cashman passed on Santana but had no back up plan when IPK and Hughes faltered mightily.
He signed bench players who couldn’t hit.
He boosted about the farm he built for this team but couldn’t call up one single major-ready hitter when Jeter, A-Rod and Posada went on the DL .
This team sucks and Cash is responsible for that.
But somehow he still has a job.
That’s amazing.
Maybe what this team really needs is a new owner.

It's probably too early to tell if Cashman's youth movement is a total failure, but I will say this. I won't be shedding any tears if they part ways. I won't shed any tears if they part ways with anyone at this point.

The team has completely quit on Girardi. I don't know how you bring him back after this display. It happened in Boston in 2006, but Francona had won a ring with them prior to that season. He had a history to fall back on. What has Girardi done to win the confidence of management. Actually, forget management, what has he done to win the confidence of anyone on the team?

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