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hat tip to you for being the first one with a post up Brian

I wrote the same things about the 'no lame duck' situation as well..

I wasn't a great fan of Mo at the beginning, but good move anyway.

I mean, Doc Rivers won a title, Cheeks can hopefully do the same...

I am reserving judgment until I see the terms. I think he definitely earned and deserved the one year extension he got last year, but still needed to prove he can lead a very talented team deep into the playoffs before another more lengthy extension was given.

Dannie I think the team just built has a 3-4 year window to win something, if Mo is is not performing, he can be fired, or not extended, and we can get another coach keeping the core of Iguodala, Brand, Thad, LW etc intact and still in its prime

but I don't see many good coaches around, I mean who has the Popovichs keeps them, you see that a franchise like Dallas, who has a good roster, unlimited money etc couldn't come up with anything better than Carlisle, another good team like Detroit is going with a debutant and so on.

Generally speaking, I am not a great fan of Mo but I don't see many better options out there

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