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brian, thank you for all the details about the nature of achilles injuries. i've read so many analyses that caution that he will probably not be the same player because of this "devastating" injury. clearly a lot of pundits (and fans) are relying on their gut-feeling rather than taking the time to learn the facts about this type of injury. i also hear a lot of talk about Brand being old and on the downslope of his career, which ignores the amazing consistency that he's shown throughout his career as well as the fact that his game is not predicated on athleticism, but rather on skill. guys who know how to get position for rebounds, have legitimate post moves, and are skilled passers tend not to simply fade away. the only caveat here is that Brand doesn't have ideal size for his position, though that's never stopped him in the past.

of course, all that being said, this is philadelphia, where the worst-case scenario can and does occur on a regular basis. i'm already preparing myself for a letdown because i don't think i can take watching another savior disappoint with his performance and get eviscerated by the fans. we need therapy here.

Brand's size has never been an issue for him, and I think it's because he has unbelievably long arms (at the combine his wingspan was measured at 7 feet, 5.5 inches). He plays much bigger than 6'8".

I realize how hard it is, but we have to get past the worst-case scenario thing with this team. Since Stefanski got here everything has been moving in the right direction. Let's hope it stays that way.

The consistent quality of Brian’s analysis is far superior to what you get from the local beat writers I’ve read in the past. It’s much appreciated, I’m going to post you links to other sites I visit.

I realize how hard it is, but we have to get past the worst-case scenario thing with this team.

This from the depressed fan?

I'm stepping out of character for the Sixers. All my depression is saved for the Yanks these days.

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