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what a win for the yanks!!! we completely dominateed the angels in what is a probable first round match up yanks at angels. my guess is well go raz and ponson in games one and 2 to take a 2-0 series lead then andy and geise for 3 and 4 saving the moose for a possible game 5 .. what a season what a team !!!! another clutch 3 run bomb by aaaaaarod jeter all over the bases this team is going places. it all adds up to another classic alcs between yanks and sox .. get in line now its guna be a barn burner. i can only assume it will be another coach of the year award for joey g hes got my vote !!!

Big win indeed. In five years we'll all be laughing when Johan is finally wearing down and Melky is the MVP of the Mexican League. Just you wait.

by the way cashman has my vote for gm of the year where would we be with hughes kennedy and the melk man ??? what a decision keeping the youth instead of throwing the season away and getting a washed up ace like johan santana. where would the yanks be with out ian kennedy?? where would we be with out futre hall of famer melky cabrera??? kudos to every one on the yankees staff for a job well done. championship #27 is about a month and a half away.. just think how good we would be if we got anything out of damom or giambi this year and its such a shame mo completely lost it this year what ever will we do in the 9th inning

I turned on the game right before Damon hit his two run homer and during that at bat he broke one of his bats. I think I remember Kay saying that was his third one of the night. I can't be sure because I was watching Mythbusters for the majority of the game. I think they showed three broken bats in the dugout on YES too.

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