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West Coast Mike on Sep 11 at 2:09

Great write-up, Brian. Can't fault you with any of it.

Enjoy reading your blog, since I am a fan of the Yanks and Birds.
I think Girardi handling of the bullpen,has not been that bad. At least he is not a proponent of the previous managers circle of trust. He has given the bullpen guys a fair shot. Some have had success, some have not. Torre would have abused some pitchers and ignored others.

Cashman, I believe will come back. This is an important off season for the team, due to all the contracts coming off the books. Whatever happens will tell the tale of where this franchise is heading. A new GM would be under the gun, and wouldn't have the cachet with ownership, to prevent them from doing anything stupid, vis a vis, long contracts for older players.

I've noticed a little bit of abuse with Veras recently. In the Boston game on Aug. 27th Veras got 1 out, gave up 5 runs and there was talk that he was going through a dead arm period. Girardi rested him on the 28th, then used him on three consecutive days, the 29th, 30th and 31st.

Other than that, though, I agree that he's been more open-minded with the pen than Torre. I do, however, have a big problem with the way he used Marte in Texas and on other occasions. To be fair, though, he's been put in a tough position as far as the pen is concerned because the starters have gotten knocked out early at an alarmingly high rate.

My only concern with Cashman is just how much of that cachet he's going to maintain after this team misses the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

Great writeup, Brian, but you didn't give enough blame to Cashman for not making the Santana deal. And you didn't do that because then you would have to admit you were wrong during the offseason when you argued against the trade.

First off, I don't care if it would have cost the Yankees $120 million to keep Santana... that's Giambi money. Moose money. Both of those contracts are up.

The lack of proven pitching depth is why Wang's injury was so devasting. There was no depth behind Wang, save for two old pitchers - Pettite and Moose - who both pitched above their the expectation this season. Had the Yankees also had Santana, they would be in the playoffs. Period.

Not making the deal has already cost the Yankees at least one postseason, and undoubtably there will be more. Meanwhile the Mets and Santana are on their way to the playoffs (barring another choke job)... hopefully Hughes and Kennedy will pan out in the future. Remember: the deal at the end would have just cost the Yankees just one of those two pitchers, plus Melky (minors) and Tabata (traded).

There is no reason they shouldn't have made that trade!

I completely agree that if they made the Santana deal they'd be in the playoffs this year. That's definitely an accurate statement.

The offer the Twins turned down was Hughes, Melky and a third prospect, can't remember who, but it wasn't Tabata. To get the deal done, they would've had to put Hughes and Kennedy in. I think the Twins' counter offer was actually Wang, Kennedy and Melky.

Still, they could've blown the Twins' doors off w/ an offer and we'd be heading to the playoffs right now. That's on Cashman.

The long term ramifications remain to be seen. If the Yanks wind up signing Sabathia this offseason, and either Hughes or Kennedy pans out, then it was absolutely the right move to pass on Santana. But if we're grading them today, Cashman was wrong and so was I.

Cashman's failure to acquire C.C. Sabathia (or even Paul Byrd) when they needed the pitching reamins puzzling to me. I like Cashman but to me, it says he had already given up on the season and was looking ahead.

If you were wrong with Cashman in the Santana trade, so was I. I didn't think Santana was worth the price either. But let's see Santana complete the season and perform in the post-season before making a final judgment. If Santana is pitching Game one and Game four in the World Series, then I'd say we were all wrong on that one. Anything short of that and the jury is still out on Santana, IMO.

I still doubt very seriously that he'll be an ace for more than 3 years of his 7-year deal. If the Mets get a ring in the next three years they won't care, if they don't they're going to be regretting that deal by year 4.

Well done....!

saying you "experienced the lowest of low" as a yankees fan is a horribly embarrassing thing to say.

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