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pokerstar17 on Jan 7 at 23:10

The eagles are who we thought they were!!! a bunch of soft losers who will clearly lose by double digits in round 2.. tiki tore apart the eagles d and eli showed he can be clutch when needed only a lucky field goal cost tiki a return at a superbowl bid... the game was bitter sweet for me , as i cashed a $1,650 ticket with the giants plus 7 , but it will be all sweet next week when the eagles will be playing out of their element and will lose by at least 2 touchdown.. now its off to the forum shops for some clothes and then a 12am tourney at harrahs.. WE WILL MISS U TIKI .. ONE MORE YEAR !!!

It's a true fan that doesn't bet on the moneyline when his team is a playoff underdog, then brags about cashing a ticket when his team gets knocked but manages to cover. You have about as much heart as Eli Manning. And, ironically, you'll both be watching the next round of the playoffs from home.

things the eagles need to do to win next week -

get to the QB.

dawkins needs a huge game.

pick up milk.

brandon on Jan 9 at 7:11

Listen, no one takes off the third preseason game of the season. They are who we thought they were! Now, if you want to crown them, then crown their asses! They are who we thought they were! And we let them off the hook!

We're just a couple months away from a quarterback controversy in Philly. I can't wait!

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