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i don't know why everybody is so in love with the idea of extending Miller. i agree that he was great this past season and a big part of the Sixers' success, but is it reasonable to expect that level of play from him as he gets into his mid-30's? i'm not so sure. in that interview he pointed out guys who have been successful at that stage in their careers (Payton, Cassell, Stockton), and rightly noticed that they all have great conditioning. despite his durability, Andre is not known for being well-conditioned (to the point that he doesn't even work out during the offseason). he also pointed out that his game is not predicated on quickness. he is already a defensive liability, and that should only increase if his quickness goes away. also, perhaps he hasn't noticed that the Sixers' team slogan is "Run With Us".

i've really liked Andre his whole career and thought he gave us great effort and leadership last year, but i don't think he is the right PG for our team going forward. with the amount of ball-handling we get from AI2, Lou Williams, with his speed and outside-shooting, will be a more effective long-term solution at PG. that's just my opinion.

I'm going to have to disagree with the defensive liability part of your statement. Miller is a very good defender and doesn't shy away from challenges. Against the Heat, he manned up on Wade. He also spent some time matched up with LeBron when they played the Cavs.

He has trouble with small, super quick PGs, but he's not a liability in general.

It's probably not realistic to expect him to be playing at this level 3 years down the road, but they've put themselves in the position where they really need to extend him. If he walks after this season then you're turning over the PG position to Lou, and essentially hoping against hope that he can be the point on a championship team. If Miller walks, they won't have anything more than the MLA to replace him for years to come (unless they can work a sign and trade).

They to extend him. All he’s doing is trying to say the right things so he can make as much money as possible. My take on the article is that Miller is thinking about life A.B
He’s not a liability in any way.

they have to exted him

I’m having a bad day.

I agree with Noah, but there are a lot more "pros" than "cons" in extending him. Andre's our best chance at a title with our current team, unless we somehow acquired an elite point guard, which is unlikely.

I'm a huge Lou fan, but we don't have time to perfect the position with Elton getting older and all the vets we signed this summer.

gdog2004 on Sep 11 at 18:18

I dont see a willie green for chris paul trade coming anytime soon so its time to extend miller.
Our window with Brand is 3-4 years. Take care of Miller and bring along Lou slowly.

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