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I cant wait for the game. I hope all the key players for both team stay healthy throughout the game so there are no excuses from either side.
We will see what Samuel can do with TO...he certainly couldnt cover him in the Superbowl of 2004.
Eagles DEFINITELY need to establish the run.
If they become pass happy I dont see them winning this game.

i'd like to see sheldon covering witten whenever possible. he's more physical and a better tackler than Lito. of course, the cowboys are using more motion in their offense this year to try to get T.O. favorable matchups, but our depth at DB could neutralize that.
to me, the biggest key is getting Romo out of his comfort zone. he's got a glass chin, so some clean shots from the DEs could turn the game in our favor in a hurry. if not, we might have a long night on our hands.

What the hell was DeSean thinking?!?!?!

No idea.

damn. I thought our defense was better than this. No rush to speak of. Plus, I have no confidence in our 2 minute drill at all. And I said the same thing 8 years ago. We just don't have the personnel for it. Title's are won and lost running the 2 min offense and I can't remember a time we've done it effectively.

I'm still trying to figure out why they stopped blitzing Romo so early. The sat back and let him pick them apart with underneath stuff for 3 quarters, every time they pressured him, something good happened for the Eagles. T.O.'s deep TD wasn't even the result of a blitz, it was a bad read by Considine. Johnson blew that game.

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