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well it was a very good game. I say what lost it was the lack of pass rush and no one besides Desean Jackson could get open. And was LJ Smith even suited up ? Man talk about a no show.
This one hurts but it will be nullified if we whoop up on the steelers. Oh FYI Andy...We have the BIGGEST offensive line in the league. Run the friggin ball already...up the gut.
Oh Im still waiting on Broderick Bunkley to do something...I mean wasnt this guy the next Warren Sapp ?

I think losing Andrews didn't help the running game much. They went away from it when he went out.

I blame the lack of pressure on the failure to bring extra guys. It was evident early that the front four wasn't going to get to him.

That was an awesome game. It's obviously a lot sweeter if your a Cowboys fan; nonetheless an awesome game.

My quick thoughts (coming from a Cowboys fan):

1. Your absolutely right about McNabb. He looked phenomenal tonight.

2. Coming into the game I kind of liked DeSean. Now I don't.

3. The Eagles played well, no doubt, but I think Dallas did a ton of things to hurt themselves. Granted, the Eagles did too, but the Romo fumble was a game-changer. His interception didn't surprise. And that pass interference call on Anthony Henry was horrible. As I heard one Cowboys' fan mention, "I guess it's karma from the non-facemask call on Westbrook earlier."

4. Felix is a beast.

5. Westbrook is a beast.

And I can't wait for the rematch in your place.

The Cowboys took what the Eagles gave them and that's what good teams do. I was impressed that Romo didn't turtle up after those back-to-back turnovers. The PI call absolutely evened out the missed face mask.

Overall, I think we saw a match-up of the two best teams in the NFC, maybe the entire league. Let's see what they do from here on out.

On a positive note, Mikell continues to impress and Samuel looks really solid as well.

In a high school all star game, DeSean Jackson did a swan dive from the 5 on a break away play as a celebration. Problem? The ball didn't break the plain until after his knee was down. The guy is really really immature. When he is interviewed he reminds me of a 13 year old girl. OMG and all that shit. Thats what the announcers said last night.

And next time I am syncing with 610. The commentary last night was atrocious. Jaws is the worst.

I'll take Jaws over Joe Buck.

Mikell was awesome, he was in the middle of every play, and I like the work Asante did on T.O. (even the pass interference in the end zone). I just wish he was on him more frequently.

What a game! Although the Eagles lost, they gained a lot of respect around the league.

As for the receivers, just think of what we'll look like with Curtis and Brown back. As for Lewis, can't he get his feet in bounds when he catches a ball? I still wonder what blackmail he has on Reid that he's still on this team.

You're absolutely right... Johnson blew it. A little more pressure on Romo and you'd be looking at a few INTs and Romo imploding. And while Samuel came up with a pick, I'm not that convinced that he's made Lito expendable.

If the Eagles crank out a nice 27-14 win over the steelers all will be forgotten about this game.
Birds played well....but not good enough to beat Dallas in Dallas.

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