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This is why DeSean Jackson was still available in the second round when talent wise, he should have been a first rounder. He's cocky and is a great big hot dog. Many analysts wondered just how coachable he would be and I think that's why he was bypassed.

Hopefully this play will embarrass him into having some humility. If T.O. showed us anything, it's that big egos and arrogance don't fit well on Andy Reid teams.

But no harm, no foul. Westbrook bailed Jackson out.
Jackson should buy Westbrook a case of beer for saving his a$$.

We really need to hope that he learned his lesson this time.

I don't know a thing about football but this is hilarious

what an idiot.. love the cocky dance after the "touchdown"

imagine how he must feel seeing this reviewed over and over in the whole country, LOL

yeah, JJ is right, this should serve him as a lesson, next time he will hopefully bring the ball after the line, up in the stands...

Good video find by Alex! Now DeSean is going to be known as the biggest showboat in the NFL, there goes his shot at rookie of the year.

I really hope he learned you don't do this crap in the NFL or NFL will stand for Not For Long on Andy Reid's team. Andy doesn't need another showboat after T.O. and Fred-ex, who DeSean kind of reminds me of.

I am curious... when he did this idiot move in HS, did they spot the ball on the one yard line instead of awarding him a touchdown?

Alex K. reply to JJ on Sep 17 at 9:43

I believe it was ruled a fumble the other team recovered and he was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

I thought if anything on his first TD he would have not wanted to let go of the ball so he could keep it.

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