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11.Jorge Posada, our sidelined but high as a kite catcher who blew kisses to Nady and waved a bottle of drink to A-Rod in the dugout, took too many pain killers.

He does seem a little off his rocker these days, doesn't he?

player of the game jeter what a the f is wrong with you?? u dont even give any credit to one of the best clutch yankees of all time what a joke
u should be ashamed

As a National League fan, here's some perspective...
If the Yankees were in the NL West, they'd have a one or two game lead over Joe Torre's Dodgers at this point. (WOW, Joe Torre and Dodgers still look awful in the same sentence when you think of what the Yanks are stuck with).

On a personal note, with the Yankees nearly out of the playoff picture, can you please bring your great writing over to cover the Phillies, who have battled their way back into first place?! They deserve some coverage and recognition here!

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