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Very thoughtful write up Brian! Ever consider a career as a writer for the Inky or Daily News?

I'm not really crushed about this loss at all. I don't have the loss hangover from this game as the game was just so entertaining to watch! Had the Eagle D not given up on pressuring Romo, I think we'd be looking at a W instead of a Loss. I don't think the Defense even looked bad despite the points they've given up.

As much as I hate writing this, Dallas looks like the team to beat. No one team looks like they will dominate this season like the Pats did last year. It will be interesting to watch the Dallas/Giants game later in the season... I hope they kill each other. There is no easy "W" in our own division as there was in years past. The NFC East is back to being the most competitive division in the league, IMO.

As for Shaun Andrews, have you heard any additional news? And what of Reggie Brown... is he expected to play? And off topic, but did Brian Westbrook's little brother make the Giants practice squad?

It looks like he's on the Skins' practice squad.

I wasn't really sure what to think of the Eagles after week one, but after this game, they could be a tough opponent come playoff time. One or two plays actually did make a difference in this game. Probably one of the most entertaining games I've seen in a long time. I like offensive football and it looks like the Eagles are going to bring it all season long!

They've gotten a lot more out of their receivers than anyone thought possible. They're going to need to keep that up if they're going to be one of the best offensive teams all year long. I'm not sure they can. I'd love it if they'd get the running game going a little more.

JJ - Andrews has back spasms shouldn't miss much time barring unexpectedly bad results from his MRI.

Good news.

Excellent writeup Brian.
I agree with you...as good as basketball and to a lesser extent baseball is...nothing is quite like football and nothing swings my mood one way or another like a big win or a devastating loss.
Eagles HAVE to win this game sunday...typically the Steelers have owned them. Remember what happened in 2004 ? Eagles were undefeated and they went to Pittsburgh and the Steelers destroyed them.
Payback time.

I'll be going to the Giants-Eagles game at Giants Stadium on Dec. 7th. Last time I went to a Giants-Eagles game, Rich Seubert broke his leg, had to be given morphine on the field, and missed like 2 years of action. And, Brian Westbrook returned a punt like 80 yards in the last minute to win the game. As a Giants fan, that was f'ing awful

Anyway, the Eagles look good this year, as do the Cowboys and Giants. Redskins look like a 7-8 win team. They won't be playing a defense as bad as the Saints every week, after all.

The NFC East could very possibly get three teams to the playoffs for the 3rd straight year. Best division in football, in my opinion

Completely agree. This is going to be a fun season to watch in the NFC East. I remember that game you're talking about. If Feagles punts that ball out of bounds the Giants win.

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