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I would like to think the birds can win this game...but my gut tells me no. With no running game Mcnabb will be running for his life. I could see the Offense putting the defense in bad spot after bad spot and the defense ultimately wearing down. The AFC playoff teams...even when the Eagles are good always seem to confuse the Eagles. Its almost like JJ and Andy spend most of there time gameplanning for the NFC East teams, then the conference teams. AFC seems to be forgotten about. I hope I am wrong...really I do.

I'm having trouble getting that game in 2004 out of my mind. Can't get behind early and let the Steelers pin their ears back on D. Score early, make Roethlisberger beat you, keep the defense off balance and it'll be a win.

A game they SHOULD win?

'Should' is a very dangerous word Brian. I think this is a tossup and has no testament to the team they are if they lose a close game.

I probably should've worded that more carefully. If the Eagles are really contenders in the NFC, they should be able to beat the Steelers at home, with an injured Big Ben.

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