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What in the world is a "douche chill moment"?

Douche Chill

1. A feeling of strong embarrassment for a verbal or physical act someone else has preformed.

1-a . Feeling the need to look away from an embarrassing moment on TV.

I, too, think they should bring the Moose back next year. Moose vs. Moyer in the Interleague game will be a dream match.

Leiter was probably right last night. If Mussina comes back for one year, he's going to be too close to 300 to call it a career at that point. He's going to need at least 30 wins to get it, that's two very productive years, three decent years. I'd give him a two-year deal.

I really liked the way Cervelli looked behind the dish last night. Like you mentioned he has a great arm, and he was like a cat back there, appearing to be very quick on his feet. He just looks like a catcher. As opposed to someone like Inge who can play catcher but looks like a secondbaseman, Cervelli just has that squat, stocky build like a catcher.

I doubt we'll get much out of him at the plate, but it would be nice to actually develop some depth within the organization for once. Cervelli could definitely be a backup catcher for years to come. Catch every fifth day, throw runners out.

He'll have next year to develop some more at AAA, then Molina's contract runs out and he could slide in a Posada's backup, possibly Montero's down the line.

Cam reply to Brian on Sep 19 at 15:37

That's exactly the progression I was thinking. YOu never know. He could turn out to be like the catcher Tampa has now that was once ours (I can't remember his name for some reason right now). I don't if I'm right or wrong about this, but I don't remember anyone projecting him to be much of a hitter and he's really come into his own this year.

Dioner Navarro. I remember hearing a lot about him before the Yanks traded him, I think for Randy Johnson. Took him several years to develop as a hitter.

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