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Great list, Bri. How about Chris Chambliss' game-winning homer in the 1976 ALCS? Or Leyritz's bomb in the 1995 ALDS? Actually, I think they'll use that one in place of The King's homer against the Braves (since it was in Atlanta).

Good call on Leyritz, I adjusted it. Added Chambliss as well.

I can understand your sentiments about ESPN stealing this from YES, but as a baseball fan, I wouldn't be able to see the game otherwise. If Yankee Stadium were just another stadium (Astrodome) where things happened, that would be one thing, but as you stated above, so many historical things have happened there that it has had an effect on every baseball fan, not just those in the YES broadcasting area.

Missing from your lists...A list of 'non-baseball activities' that happened at the Stadium.

I put the non-baseball stuff at the bottom, but you're right, they'll probably show footage.

I see your point about the rest of the country seeing it, and to be honest with you I don't think YES would do a much better job covering it. I just think it blows for those announcers to have no part in the final game. Also, I kind of want the familiarity of the Yankee announcers to say goodbye to the Stadium instead of Miller and Morgan.

If ESPN didn't cover it this way, I'm 10000% certain you would complain about that. Remember those "The first 15 minutes of SportsCenter was all about the Celtics!" rants?

And if Joe Morgan praises Ugly Betty on air, I concede all arguments to you from here to eternity. That would take the cake.

I'm not even sure I'm making fun of ESPN with this post. If YES was broadcasting it, I probably would've written the exact same post. I just think the fact that it's the last game at the stadium will completely overshadow the game itself, which bugs me. I'll have more on my feelings about the stadium's end on Sunday.

I'm holding you to the Joe Morgan part of your comment.

THANK GOD that Gary, Ron and Keith will call the final game at Shea on SNY and not Morgan/Miller on ESPN.

Yeah, good for the Mets. Kingman is going to that final game and we were wondering a couple of weeks ago if ESPN would steal that game for their Sunday night broadcast, but it didn't happen.

They will be airing the yankees game on 1050 ESPN Radio, and Michael Kay stated (today on his show) that he was invited to (and will) call a few innings as well. Perhaps a better listen than ESPN TV...at least I hope... Not sure who is scheduled to call the game on radio, I'm hoping they just don't use the audio feed from the TV airing...

I'm pretty sure they have separate audio for the radio.

Here's the real question, though. Sterling and Waldman or Morgan and Miller? I'm tempted to go with John and Suzyn, their asinine banter is at least comically bad, rather than infuriatingly bad.

about:yankees on Sep 20 at 9:44

May 1998, David Wells perfect game against the Twins.

"In the seventh inning, I started getting really nervous. I knew what was going on, I was hoping the fans would kind of shush a little bit. They were making me nervous." - David Wells

Howard Milstein on Sep 29 at 14:11

Phil Rizzutto did not call the TV clip of Maris's 61st homer. He was on radio, but RED BARBER did!
The story from the NY POST years ago was that the original tv clip was "stolen" or misplaced from the vault. HOW ABOUT THAT!

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