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How in the world did that Dallas team score 41 points against this defense?!

The whole Defense really stepped up!!!!!Broderick Bunkley and Trent Coles were absolute beasts and PUNISHED Big Ben. B Dawk shut up critics claiming he lost a step. It concerned me that we didn't put more points on the board and thus let Pittsburgh hang around and I agree with you... I hate the strategy of playing to hold, even though it worked. It's nervewracking for fans!!!!!

Max Jean-Gilles deserves a mention for playing better than expected in place of Shawn Andrews. He doesn't have the athleticism and quickness of Andrews, but he did well. Jamaal Jackson also played well after missing the week's practice following the tragic death of his brother to a drunk driver. The O-line held up well vs. the 3-4, which used to give them fits.

This was a costly win, however. What was McNabb's injury, a chest injury or a shoulder? Idiot Simms thought it was his chest. All I heard on Westbrook was an ankle injury, did you hear anything else? And what about Hunt?

Agree also that Phil Simms is a complete moron... even worse than Joe Buck, Ron Jaworski and Tony Kornball, and that's really saying something.

What a huge win, especially when you consider the injuries and the circumstances. Simms is a complete idiot. He says things so matter-of-fact that you sort of believe him, then he apologizes a minute later when it turns out he has no grasp of the rules. Idiot.

I still haven't heard anything about any of the injuries, hopefully we'll get good news in the morning. In the mean time, I picked up Buckhalter for my fantasy team.

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