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kudos to espn who did as good a job as they could have they caputred moments like roll call bob sheppard announcing jeter and mo trot to the mound ( although i wish they stayed for the entire time) so many memories i have had from the from the first game i ever saw w my dad to all the magic moments i have been a part of ( we wont talk about the arron boone game or i will murder the depfan ) the single greatet day of my life was spent there oct 26 1996 my b-day watching they yanks win it all after waching them do nothing but lose all through my childhood .. its a sad day thinking ill never see that stadium again and even sadder that a team with all that talent will be missing the playoffs but thats for another day ..good bye yankee staidum thanks you for all the memories u will be truly missed ....ps i saw my bro on tv he sat right in front of spike lee

The Aaron Boone game...what a night! Sitting front row when the Yanks came back from 0-6 against the O's, too many memories.

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