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An often overlooked issue with the Westbrook injury is his pass blocking. I have never seen a back do what he does in pass protection. You can ask him to block anyone coming in on a blitz and he does a terrific job chipping lineman. I can't remember the exact result of the play, but yesterday Booker blew a block and McNabb got nailed in the back. I am fairly sure it was the play he threw the int. These types of things are really important.

High ankle sprain is like 3-7 weeks I think. Wonder what the injury is.

That was the play that McNabb threw the interception on. He will definitely be missed in the blocking game. You can't lose the best back in the league (in my opinion) and not feel it. Let's hope it isn't that serious and he only misses this week's game, at the most.

eagles are 2nd fiddle to the 3-0 giants what a terrible team ...on a brighter note yanks are still alive!!! we need boston to lost 3 more an we controll our own destiny let the stadium see another day i havent gave up yet mooses 20th will clinch a playoff wooooo lets go yankees

friends dont let friends drink and post.

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