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Man, how amazing would it be if they were at least able to go into the first game at Fenway still alive. What a last series that would make. Also, I guess I should know this by now, and I probably already do, but I know that if the Yanks lose once more the Sox are in. But, what if the Yanks and Sox lose on the same night? Does that still mean the sox are in? Sometimes I don't really understand these things.

Any Yankee loss or Sox win eliminates the Yanks. They have to sweep the Blue Jays and the Indians have to sweep the Sox for the Yanks to remain alive heading into the final series. Then, if the Yanks sweep the Sox there would be a one-game playoff, I'm not sure where it would be.

Cam reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 18:14

Well, fingers crossed! As the NYS state lotto slogan goes "hey, you never know"...

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