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its really over dude .. wasted talent the moose perfect season monster year from damon wasted unhittable mo wasted...last season at the staduim ...wastedi think if we had a coach thats now 3000 miles away there would be more than one game to watch the rest of this season cant wait till april ... good thing the giants are the best team in the league by far if i was an eagles/yankees fan it would be a long long winter

Amazing that as dominant as Mussina was when he was an Oriole he never had a 20 game season. Is he coming back for another year? Is the new stadium going to be a pitcher friendly (Petco) stadium, or a hitter friendly (the 'Zen) one?

On another note, Pat Burrell will be a free agent this off season. I have always liked Pat as a Phillies fan but he's taken a lot of heat over the years from both the media and fans in Philly. He's slow in the OF, although he has a decent arm and a few assists but is really meant to be a designated hitter in the AL. And if the Phils won't sign him, I'd like to see him become a Yankee. He's got 32 (33?) homers this season and carried the Phils in the beginning of the season. He'd be a fine addition.

I've always liked Burrell, but the Yanks already have too many LF/DH on their roster.

The new park will have the same dimensions as the current Yankee Stadium, so it'll still be a good pitcher's park.

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