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Dallas can make a lot of defenses look bad. I wouldn't put too much stock in that game. I think it was an abberation.

The Eagles should be 6-2 at worst at the halfway point. The Giants should probably be right around there too (upcoming games: vs. SEA, @ CLE, vs. SF, @PIT, vs. DAL). That should be a great game...

The Giants really should be 6-0 heading into Pitt. This has to be the easiest first six games for a defending Super Bowl champ in the history of the league.

The one team I can't put my finger on in the East is the Skins. It wouldn't surprise me if they decide who wins the division, I have a feeling the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys are going to beat each other up, so taking care of the Skins could make all the difference.

what kinda crap is this yanks are the hottest team in baseball , phil hughes pitched a superb game all but assuring he gets at least the number 5 next year and we gotta read about the frigin eagles gime a breake dude thats bush league give us some good yankee news u nhyalist

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