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The Yankees have now matched their win total from 2000, when they won the World Series, and exceeded the Red Sox win total from 2006, a year before they won the World Series.

I know a lot of people, most notably Hank Steinbrenner, are probably panicking, but it was one down year that wasn't even THAT bad considering all the injuries. If they go 3-1 here on out they finish with 90 wins in possibly the toughest division ever since going to the 3-division format in 1994. That's not that bad...

Seriously? How many more wins do you think the Yankees finish with if Posada (career OPS .857) plays all year instead of Molina (career OPS .615, .584 this season). Using BP's VORP as an estimate, starting Molina ll year instead of Posada has cost the Yankees about 50 runs. Posada's average VORP over the last 5 years was about 47, and in 2008 Posada, Molina, Pudge, and Moeller combined for about a -3. Every 10 runs in run differential usually accounts for about 1 win. Thus, losing Posada's bat cost the Yankees about 5 wins, maybe more. Give the Yankees 5 more wins and they're only 1 game Boston at this moment. Obviously these are just estimates, but they seem like reasonable estimates to me

Plus, when you consider the loss of Wang (19 missed starts) and Ponson's 6.08 ERA in 15 appearances, you figure the Yankees could have finished in the high 90's with Posada and Wang healthy all year.

The Yankees aren't in dire straits. They don't need to panic. Hughes, Joba, and Wang are three good young pitchers. Kennedy may be able to figure it out (remember he's only 23), and they've got a ton of other arms in the minors. The offense should bounce back next year. I have faith in the 2009 Yankees.

I believe the Yanks will be better next year, but I think this late winning streak is kind of tainting the season in a positive way. They played some dismal baseball and only really turned it on when they were out of contention.

Does VORP incorporate defense into the equation? I'd love to know how many runs Molina saved w/ his defense. I doubt it's 50, but when you take his throwing into account that gap should narrow a little bit. He's also done an excellent job calling games. Speaking of which, I'd love to see them give Cervelli a full game behind the dish this week.

We're going to have to see what moves are made in the offseason, but right now I agree that there's no reason to have a bad feeling about 2009. Especially not after seeing the way Hughes pitched last night.

Nope, VORP is just offense. Posada's not very good defensively, so maybe Molina narrows the gap by a game (just a guess on my part). Either way, it's a big gap. Molina's bat is SO bad, it really hurt the offense.

I'm a little worried about them going after Sabathia. Milwaukee knows they're not keeping him, so he's throwing 130 pitches seemingly every game, throwing on three days rest, etc. Considering the extra weight he's carrying, I gotta think he's due for an injury, right? I don't know...maybe his body is strong enough to handle it, but Milwaukee's treating it like "Well, if he gets hurt it's not our problem". Because its not their problem, it's CC's and whoever signs him.

That said, I'd like to see Teixeira replace Giambi. He's a switch-hitter (always nice to have) and an excellent fielder.

Just looked at some more of BP's stats...their "Wins Above Replacement Player" (WARP) does take defense into account. Posada's 5-year average was 7.9. Yankee catchers this year combined for 4.0, which means that Posada's injury cost the Yankees an estimated 3.9 wins.

Jorge's shoulder really concerns me for next season. I really don't want to wind up with a Piazza on our hands. He better be able to throw at least league-average.

I agree. That really concerns me too. Wasn't Posada an infielder in the minors before they switced him to catcher? Maybe if the Yanks don't land Teixeira, they could mover Jorge to first? Then again, I believe he said he wanted to stay at catcher...

He played 2nd in the minors. He should be able to transition to first, but I'm not sure how good of a move that would be for the Yanks. As a catcher, he's a plus hitter. As a first baseman, not so much.

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