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Thad's development is the key to the 6ers season. Everyone thinks he'll be good, if he can accelerate the learning curve, the 6ers will be one of the best teams in the East, no question. I really think he's your most important player this season. You kind of already know what you're getting out of everyone else.

I think you're off base here. They need Thad to defend and run, just like he did last year. They don't need him to be a big time scorer, they don't really need him to contribute all that much on offense at all. If he doesn't progress at all from last season, scores 10/game, grabs 5 boards and plays excellent defense, they're set. Anything more than that is a bonus, but it's hardly critical.

I think he will progress, but there's no pressure on him. It's not like they need him to develop into a number one or two option on offense. They'll be happy with him being the 4th option. He's got time to grow into the number 1 or 2.

I completely agree. I could even see him being the fifth option behind Lou even though he's coming off the bench.

And let's not forget Sammy can knock down that 15-footer.

I'm kinda hoping we'll limit Sammy's shots, mainly because he has to actually catch the ball to put a shot up and that's an iffy proposition. Let him get his points on easy alley-oops and put backs and I'll be happy.

Haha yeah. For some reason he seems really uncoordinated.

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