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I think the Eagles win this game 17-10 or so with a late TD by the bears making it closer than it actually is...
the defense will dominate the bears one sided attack and maybe score a TD.
The offense will likely sputter with no westbrook and a game but not 100% Mcnabb(again ?!?)
When Mcnabb is 100% hes top 3 in the league. The problem is he is almost NEVER 100% for more than 2 games in a row.
I hate to say it but its looking like the same story different year with the Eagles. Mcnabb can never stay healthy...he just cant. and then he plays (when maybe he shouldnt) and throws 10 passes in the dirt or way over his receivers heads a game. We then wait the entire season for him to get himself "right"...
I hope/pray that isnt the case with his latest injury.
and LJ Smith ? A wonderful tease but he will never be 100% for an entire year...I dont see him on the birds next year. Time to move Celek ahead of schedule.

The good news for Celek is that being L.J. Smith's backup always means a ton of reps in the games.

God, when I read that "epic choke job" line last night, it took all my willpower to stop me from sending you the nastiest email of all-time. Now, i'll just call you an asshole.

By the way, there's at a 40% chance Urlacher and Briggs break both of DeSean Jackson's legs on Sunday. Even when the Bears lose, they make their mark. And the Bears have a GOOD chance to win too.

32-31 since the All Star break, 9-13 in September. The ChiSox don't deserve to be in the playoffs. They were lucky to have hung around this long.

As for the Bears, they have a shot at winning this game, I don't think I'd call it "good" though. I don't think you can ever really say the Bears have a good shot at beating anyone as long as Orton is their QB. That being said, if McNabb isn't healthy and Westbrook doesn't play the Eagles may only win by a touchdown.

Hate to be a party pooper, but Westbrook is out.
Good news is, I think the Eagles could win it without him if the D plays like they did last week.

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