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Could somebody send Chris Britton back to the minors, please?
Which team is the bigger choke artist?
New York Yankees.
They lost when they were supposed to win.
They won when they were supposed to lose.
They stuck with a bunch of pitchers who collectively can't get a win for too long
They benched a player who needed to be disciplined when it was too late.

All valid points, but their choking was long term, I'm talking about a team that had a playoff spot wrapped up and blew it.

I'd have to say the Mutts are the biggest chokers. So many ANALysts crowned them the NL East champs before the season began. And despite having the best pitcher in baseball, they still couldn't get it done. I'm rooting for the Brewers at this point to take the Wild Card.

NL East Chumps= New York Mets

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