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Sickening loss. Bears played strong...but the eagles blew this game. Less than a yard from the goal line and no QB Sneak ? Is Mcnabb that hurt ?
Jackson played well...sort of. His 2 mistakes gave Chi a TD and the other one caused an interception. He will get better.
If Westbrook is there I feel the Eagles win this game easily...even if the bears stop him they will have to leave someone else open to do it.
Oh well...
Cant wait to see what the O looks like when Curtis gets back wityh a healthy Westbrook.

If missing this game means Westbrook will be back full strength sooner rather than later, it was worth it. There were definitely some questionable calls on that goal line stand, but the fact of the matter is that you should be able to get 1 yard on 3 plays no matter who you're playing. Andrews was missed there too, although I thought MJG did a good job last night.

I don't think that INT was DeSean's fault. No matter what cut he made, he wasn't going to be able to catch that ball. The fact that cut out instead of in made it look really bad, but it was a bad throw either way.

If the Eagles only turn the ball over once instead of twice, they win this game. Frustrating.

Nobody wanted to win this ugly game!

Or more accurately, I should say neither OFFENSE wanted to win this game. The Birds truly snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory.

Four consecutive runs at the goal line, and not one of them is a QB sneak? We have the biggest offensive line in football next to Dallas, and Reid couldn't call for McNabb to just tuck it and get in behind that massive wall of humanity?! Why of all times when your best back is out, his backup is injured earlier and your third back just had his bell rung a few moments earlier by Briggs did he decide to run the ball?!

And this may be harsh, but Jackson not running the right pattern and being where McNabb counted on him to be cost an INT and TD. He may be talented, but that was a costly brain fart. The error in judgement with not fielding the punt can be excused as a rookie mistake, not running your routes can not.

And please... Shaun Andrews, hurry back!!! That should lower the amount of times McNabb winds up on his butt.

Good teams find ways to win games like these....

I think Jackson misread the defense on that. It looked like an option route to me, where the receiver reads the safety and adjusts his route accordingly. He and McNabb obviously read it differently, but I still think it was a bad throw that was going to be picked no matter what Jackson did.

C. Portis on Sep 29 at 22:05

Boy, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I think the name of this blog should be changed to "Look On The Brightside Fan." I used to subscribe to this blog, but not anymore. It's obvious the creator has lost the fire that used to burn inside his belly. The passion that allowed him to bet it all! Now we get, "Jackson did what talented rookies do. He made a couple of huge plays on offense early, then coughed up a punt. It happens." Are you kidding me? That was a disaster!

"They earned this win." What? I have never seen a QB get sacked so much in my life! Kurt Warner thought Orton was too stationary. The Bears did everything they could to give this game away. It was there on a silver plater at an all-you-can-eat buffet and Andy Reid was of course, first in line. Still, the Feables couldn't cash it in. You were basically beat by a return man. How does that taste?

"2-2 is not a great way to start the season, but the schedule does get easier from here on out..." Well, it doesn't get easier this Sunday because they are soon going to be 2-3 and completely out of it. 2-2 sucks when the rest of the teams in the division are 3-1 or 3-0. And let's not forget that one of those wins came against the Rams who are poised to the table in reverse this year.

The bottom line is the Feables are right where they will be for the rest of the season...the basement. They are old, one dimensional and one more injury away from finishing 4-12.

The Bears D earned it with that goal line stand. I would've preferred a pass in one of the four plays, or at least McNabb on a boot, but you can't argue with trying to punch it in on the ground. Our line vs. their line. Theirs won.

The Skins aren't for real. Lucky to finish .500. Write it down.

C. Portis on Sep 30 at 11:48

Tyrone Davis will score at least 100 points this week. Write it down!

I hope you saved that piece of paper, it's probably worth something now :)

I think I may have it. I'll have to check my TOLS mementos for it.

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