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Great pitchers learn to adjust when they lose their velocity. Moose reinvented himself after a previous season that had most Yankee fans (myself included) wishing he'd retire. A guy like Moose on the staff is like having another pitching coach for the young guys on the staff. I hope they do re-sign him.

As for Cashman, I really don't see this year's mediocrity as his fault. Even the Steinbrenner boys must see that... right? Do you really think he'd be replaced because of this season? And a loaded question... will Girardi be back?

Girardi will be back, unfortunately.

I think the Cashman situation comes down to how much control he wants to have. He's had autonomy, apparently, and now they didn't make the playoffs. I think the team is going to want to take away some of the power from him and make more organizational decisions. If he's OK with that, he'll be back. If he isn't, he'll find a job somewhere else. I'd actually be interested to see how he does without a limitless payroll. I wonder if he'd be a good GM under those conditions.

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