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So do you want CC next year in Pinstripes after such heavy usage this season in Milwaukee? I think he's the best pitcher in the game, but giving him five or six years seems sketchy to me. I want to know how you feel about it.

On the one hand, he's been abused by Milwaukee. On the other hand, he's demanded the ball on short rest for his past three starts, and dominated every time out there. I know a lot of people have pointed to his size as a reason why he will break down, but couldn't the opposite be true as well? He's big, he's strong, he can handle it.

I'll have a long post on it in the coming days/weeks, but right now I'm in the "do whatever you have to do to get him" camp. You don't see a guy saying get on my back and I'll carry you to the playoffs, and actually doing it, very much these days. I want that guy on my team.

Have to agree with Rickhouse on this one.... Milwaukee will pitch this guy till his arm falls off in the playoffs and have been doing so since they rented his services.

Agewise, how old is Sabathia? He's older than Santana, right?

Sabathia is a year younger than Johan. So basically whoever signs him will be signing him in his age 29 season, the same as when the Mets signed Johan, if that makes sense.

I expect it's going to take a similar contract to get him, maybe more if there's a bidding war. Santana could only sign with one team at the time.

We obviously won't be in the Sabathia sweepstakes in Philadelphia, so the best place I'd like to see Sabathia is New York. With an ace like him on the staff, it might take the pressure off the young pups and they may pitch better (speaking of Hughes and Kennedy , not Wang or Chamberlain). And we won't have to face him in the national league if the Yankees sign him... double bonus!

Whereas I was hoping at this time last year that Moose would retire (I was wrong), I am hoping Pettite will this year. Do you think he retires at this point? And will Wang be ready to go in spring training?

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