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I still miss when it was the F.U. Center...

What a great nickname.

The Citi would recall the Warriors past with their "The City" uniforms.

whats thre matter no post for your last place eagles game??? thankfully i had the bears plus 3 what a steal the bears gave them 20 chances to win and they blew it .. what a terrible team 2-2 last place in the east and falling fast feb 14(spring training) cant get here soon enough.. enjoy the view from the gutter!!!!

still waiting for your eagles post ahahahaha maybe ur tryin to punch it in from the 1 yard line 4 more times .. i love it this team is dead and goin no where cant wait to read your post of excuses why u lost again too bad u can play the rams every night

moron, the eagles post was up before this one. scroll down.

You might want to look a little harder next time before spouting off such nonsense.

Ahh yes.... the FU center. LOL...hard. I love that name.
"The City" sounds dumb...hopefully the marketing geniuses can come up wiht something a little more creative.
Dumb post Tom...Its 4 games into the season and you think the Eagles are already dead ?
How do so many brain dead cowboy fans get on this webstite ?

He's a brain dead Giants/Jets fan. Doesn't have the balls to pick one team.

I resent that :)


do the Flyers play there as well? (which could lead to another question: who cares about hockey ??)

I just heard the new Mets' stadium will also be called Citi Field.

Yup. I hate any association with the Mets.

It was great the F.U center and the F.U two/too (spectrum) I loved that.

If the Mutts field is going to be the Citi field, I'd rather see it leveled than be called the Citi also. Any association with the Mutts is just not acceptable.

They should rename it Shea Arena, that would piss of Mets fans :)

Seriously though, Citi Arena? I just don't like it.

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