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, all the time

good stuff Brian

I will have a ton of work for the next 15 days, I will be checking your site to see how training camp goes

I am really excited and can't wait for the season to start

Sixers could be a good 3rd-5th seed in the East to me

No thanks to Gordon. What can he do for this team besides pushing the ball towards the basket, and making it a very solid amount of the time? Not a thing.

He would just take away minutes from Lou as well, since you couldn't play the 2 on the court at the same time.

Reggie gains possessions for the team, as a whole, because he rebounds so well and takes so few shots. Ben lessens possessions for the team by shooting so much, and being anemic in every other aspect of basketball turning it over too much, not getting any rebounds, etc.

Lou Williams is already a superior player anyway, which can be seen in the 2 metrics I checked... PER and WP48, which are not very similar.

Ben Gordon is overrated basically and the team would experience a bigger downgrade at PF/C with Reggie leaving, once Theo gets hurt, than they would get in an upgrade at SG with Ben Gordon.

I read on ESPN today that he can't be traded this season. The CBA FAQ says it's a 3-month window before players who sign qualifying offers can be dealt, unless I missed something. I trust that FAQ more than ESPN.

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