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Great write up Brian! This is just what the end of the season called for. I agree with your opinions on all the free agents.

From a selfish standpoint, I hope the Yanks pick up Marte's option because otherwise he could wind up back in the National League and would KILL the Phillies. And if Giambi and Abreu are gone, what about the possibility once again of Burrell, not as a LF/DH, but at first base. (He played third when the Phils drafted him. They were going to try moving him to first once, but then they had Thome at first). Burrell has hit at least 30 HR in the last 4 seasons (33 this year) and hit for better avg. over those years than Giambi (plus I believe his OBP is higher) and is up there among the league leaders in walks. While I would like to see the Phils re-sign him, he's taken a lot of heat here because of his contract where in NY, he wouldn't be the contract that draws the boos and attention (I think A-Rod has that spot).

And I just gotta ask... would Cashman really be that brain dead as to re-sign Carl Pavano? If so, we could offer Adam Eaton for the price of a bag of peanuts or a stadium beer. I've liked Cashman (for the most part) and would like to think he wasn't that dumb. I think most of the fans and his own teammates would be ready to lynch him if he re-signed.

I think it's better than 50/50 right now that the Yanks pick up Pavano's option. Sad, but true.

As for Burrell, I like him, always have, but two things going against him. #1, he's a righty. What they desperately need is lefty power. #2, who knows if he'll be passable at first. If he can't play there, then they have 4 lf/dh guys.

I don't see him as a good fit.

Didn't Moose openly question Pavano's desire to play and his injuries before spring training last year?

BTW.... Phils just jumped to a 5-1 lead off Sabathia after Victorino his a Grand Slam in the 2nd....Sabathia could stand to lose some poundage...

Are you serious. Why wouldn't the yankees offer Giambi and Pudge arbitration and pay them to turn it down or threaten them with little playing time or something.. This is a joke. They need to get those draft picks. I would like to see Pettitte return.

Also get rid of Marte. We lost Tabata, Karstnes, and Ohlendorf (McCutchen's terrible, but having Marte around makes it even worse. He is terrible.

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