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Brian - Philly year...? Are the Flyers gonna win too...?

Cubs and Rays in the WS with Sweet Lou prevailing.

Cubs took 2 of 4 from the Mets and didn't even try. They look formidible.

I'd love to see the Cubs bounced in the first round. I hate Cubs fans, for some reason. I fell like the Phils rain into a buzz saw last year, but they were the best team in the NL. This season they should be more composed and Hamels is a stud.

Go Astros!

Angels have home field and they're healthy, but they still managed not to snap their losing streak against the Red Sox. That makes them the bigger choke artist in human history.
I'm a bit stunned the Cubs got beaten by the Dodgers. Now Hank will blast Sweet Lou for conspiring with Bin Laden to hand Joe "Has-Been" Torre the victory for free.
I'd love to see Ozzie run for mayor after clinching the WS Championship.


The Phils are the Rodney Dangerfield of the baseball world when it comes to ANALysts... they get no respect. It made it so much sweeter when the heavily favored Mutts (and Tigers) underachieved. Is anyone even giving the Phils a chance?

Evolving into a Yankee fan years back was the best thing that could have happened for me. For years when the Phils didn't get into the playoffs, I still had hope with the Yankees. I will continue to cheer for the Yankees in the AL and the PHils in the NL and a win-win (for me) would be a Phils/Yankees World Series.

I love the way the Phils finished the past two seasons. I think they learned a lot from that loss to the Rockies too. If the Dodgers take out the Cubs, I think the Phils definitely get to the series.

those are the worst predictions ive ever seen .. why would anyone still pick the cubs?? they have been chole artists longer than the redsox.. u cleary know nothing about baseball and have no faith in joe torre.. my take is dodgers redsox ws can it be any other way ??

I'm so glad they finally caught Osama, what a shame they couldn't catch him alive, we could have had some embarrasing photos of him in his undies like with Sadam Hussien

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