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Funny before this past week I would have said no question the Eagles are a good team. Maybe one of the best in the league...
After this week ? I have my doubts.
Now if they beat the skins and 49ers the way they beat down Pittsburgh I may start believing again.
But if they just eek out wins and win because the other team makes more mistakes than they do than I will know the Eagles are just an average team who HAS to get lucky to win games. Those teams dont win superbowls or even make the playoffs.
If they wind up losing either of these next two I will still watch the Eagles...but it will be on DVR/Tivo and it will take me about 25 minutes as opposed to watching the whole game live.

A season can go down the tubes early. I think they need to get Westbrook back on the field quickly and get the offense back on track. You can't forget how explosive they were in weeks one and two, if that offense comes back they're real contenders. If his injury lingers they're in serious trouble.

These two games need to be wins.

gdog2004 reply to Brian on Oct 2 at 19:54

good point. Westbrook is in my opinion the MVP of the league.
He does everything for the eagles...
Hes their:
Best Receiver
Best Runner
Best blocking back..
I dont think any other player in the league has his all around skill at so many things...
I tend to think hes going to be on the bench though and I hope the birds can win without him.

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