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One of the most disheartening things i have read out of camp was when mo said "Thad is an oppurtinity scorer, so we're not going to run alot of plays for him." I hope mo doesnt mean that.

Actually, I don't have a problem with that at all. He's only 20 years-old, if I was Mo, I'd sit Thad down and tell him that his job is to be the best defensive three in the league. That should be his focus. Defend and crash the boards. He'll get his shots in the rhythm of the offense, he'll get his points on put backs and fast breaks. They have more options this season, he's probably #4 in the starting lineup. If he can defend at an elite level right now, which I believe he can, they have plenty of time for his offensive game to develop.

That's how I'd start the season, and as the season goes on I'd give him more and more responsibility, when he earns it. Set the bar somewhat low and then sit back and watch him exceed it, just like last year.

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It looks to be a big improvement over last year's lineup...I'm excited!

Any day of the week when you're not starting Reggie Evans, Rodney Carney or Willie Green has got to be an improvement!


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