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A very thoughtful write up, Brian.

I hate to say the Eagles have a chance at winning without Westbrook cause I said that last week and was very wrong. But you have to think that without Jason Taylor, there will be fewer tipped passes and pressure on McNabb, and without Shawn Springs, DeSean Jackson should be able to open up the field.

Jackson isn't the only deep threat though. While rarely utilized, Hank Baskett has the speed to be a deep threat. And again, I will campaign for ANYONE to replace Greg Lewis on this team! And I don't think we lose much having Celek starting instead of LJ Smith right now either.

Key question...Is McNabb ready to carry this team offensively? Are we still going to hear excuses that his chest hurts? I think this is a tougher game than last week, as I don't think the Redskins will hand it to us as Chicago tried to do.

Looking at the stats, I really couldn't figure out how the Skins are 3-1. The good news is that it looks like Westbrook and LJ could both play.

I'm not sure Baskett is a weapon, need to see more of him.

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