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Maybe Girardi learned from killing his young arms in Florida...

I still think there are some guys who are better in one league than another. I'm not sure Girardi is a good A.L. coach.

It's funny, I watched Girardi particularly during the closing ceremony after the final game in the Stadium to see how the team acted around him in a non-game situation. He looked like a mascot out there, just along for the ride.

This is Jeter's team, the other players looked to him to make the speech, they took their cue from him. That didn't happen when Torre was here, and I don't think it would've happened with Mattingly or Bowa in charge. Girardi is a joke, they don't respect him at all.

It's kind of understandable from Jeter. I mean, Girardi played here when Jeter was here winning series and he was kind of a scrub. I'd probably have trouble respecting him if I was in that situation too.

I'm not saying Jeter overtly does anything to undermine Joe, but at the same time he never refers to him as "Mr. Girardi" like he did with Torre.

I guess I don't understand "judicious" use of the bullpen.

If the starting pitching is bad what else can a manager be expected to do but call for guys that can help the team win...?

Maybe Joe was trying to embarrass Cashman into procuring additional bullpen help.

I hope the Dodgers run the table....

By judicious I mean that he didn't burn out any one guy, prudent or thoughtful may have been a better word. It was a compliment.

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