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, all the time

AllphillySports on Oct 5 at 13:55

what website are you watching the game on

AllphillySports on Oct 5 at 13:59

is it free

You can see it here, but it's low quality.

I'm watching it through DirecTV, which isn't free.

AllphillySports on Oct 5 at 14:28

it's not being broadcasted

That link works for me, but there was no sound in Firefox. It worked fine in Explorer.

I hate to bring this up, but this will be the third crappy season for David Akers in a row. Yes, he was injured with the hamstring injury the first year, but he's just not accurate the past couple of years.

Time to draft a kicker in the next draft?

Unfortunately, it might be.

I really hate saying that. Akers is a left footed kicker and I have a soft spot for all lefties.

Off topic, but looks like your prediction of the Phils is 4 is spot on.. Phils 5 - o in 5th inning.

I think that's the only series I'll get right. Good for the Phils.

What in the world has happened to the offense?

It might be Monday morning QBing, but the Eagles D should have been prepared for the trick play with Antwan Randle El. He did it last week against Dallas and the previous week. That play was also part of last year's playbook. You gotta be awake for these things.

The D is looking tired now.

They should be, they've been on the field all game long.

I am growing very impatient with the Eagles at this point. This is the third game the Eagles should have, could have won. Shoulda, coulda wouldas don't put you in the playoffs.

Nope, in fact, they keep you out.

The Eagles offense flat out sucks...
They have nothing. The Redskins D is far from dominant and they made the Eagles look like amateurs. Westbrook is great but thats where it ends. They continue to stall in the end zone and have a garbage running game with one of the biggest O lines in the league. COMMIT TO THE FRIGGIN RUN already !
I think with this game and last weeks the window is almost shut for them to even make the playoffs...
You know the west coast offense works great when you have steve young, john taylor, and jerry rice. Not when you have "I panick when the game gets tight" Mcnabb, and Reggie "please sir can i drop another f'in pass" Brown.

Too many people have figured out the West Coast offense. Football is a game of evolution. Evolve or get killed off by another team that does. The Redskins have gotten better each game (and surprising to me), Campbell seems to be learning well under Zorn. The same can not be said of the Eagles. They appear to be stagnating and the West Coast offense is going nowhere.

One big disappointment so far has been Booker. I expected much more from him... I thought he'd be the back behind Westbrook instead of Buckhalter.

While the season is still young, the Eagles have dug themselves a very big hole. If they end with a losing record, what then? Do you go in another direction?

C. Portis on Oct 5 at 19:50

Are the Redskins for real yet?

Remains to be seen. The Eagles obviously are not.

I still contend that this Eagle defense is a solid unit. They are just exhausted in these games because they are on the field far too long.

BTW... The Jags William James got beat (again), this time for a TD. I'm glad he's not an Eagle any longer...

Which brings up a curious point... what happened to the Eagle team that beat the Steelers?

Ill agree with you on the Eagles D being solid. But unfortunately thats only half the team.
The offense is terrible. I think a lot of it is poor coaching and the rest of it is no real talent at TE and WR. I mean Jackson will eventually be really good but I am sorry...Reggie Brown and Greg Lewis I dont want on my team anymore. When Curtis gets back Brown needs to sit his ass on the bench. Plus the O line is etting old...

I'll agree 100% with Gdog that Greg Lewis doesn't belong on this team and that, when Curtis gets healthy, he needs to sit on the bench. But I'll keep Reggie, as long as Greg Lewis goes.

Just an observation... the Dan Klecko experiment on offense has to end. He missed his blocks on the two occasions he was put in today. Still think Tony Hunt will be workable, the problem is he's a work in progress.

And while I agree the line is getting old, perhaps McNabb's positioning in the pocket is part of the problem (that, and the fact that he doesn't have a quick release on the ball)?

And this stubborn adherence to the West Coast offense at all costs is getting old. If the Eagles don't improve and bomb this year, I think we need a new direction at that point. And given Andy's absolute commitment and love of the West Coast offense, that might mean new leadership is needed. Either that, or take the true GM power away from Reid, which I don't think he'll do. To me, if the Eagles finish anything worse than 7-9, we're moving in the wrong direction. Instead of waiting for the team to completely collapse, start the rebuilding at that point and stop the bleeding.

Outside of the players...I really think the coaching is bad on this team offensively. I mean we ARE week in the wideout spots and TE is barely serviceable. But with a massive O line, Mcnabb and Westbrook and sometimes Desean...Isnt there any way for us to come up with SOMETHING to execute on 3rd down or score in the red zone ? I dont think our players are THAT bad...Andy Reid is getting outcoached almost every week at this point. And if it comes down to a game where the talent of the teams is close(Washington) ...or hell even if its in the Eagles favor (Chicago)--the Eagles are losing the game. Unless there are overwhleming mismatches in overall team talent(Rams) the Eagles lose these games. If Dawkins didnt make a inhuman play to smack the ball out of Rothlisbergers hand we may be looking at 1-4.
So you guys tell me...are the players THAT bad ?
I dont think so...I think much like Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh, Andy Reid is not reaching his players.

This team could be 1-4, they could also be 5-0, easily. When you lose close game after close game I think maybe you have to start pointing the finger at the coaches. Take a look at the games they lost:

Dallas - Jim Johnson doesn't blitz Romo, he picks the Eagles apart in the second half.

Chicago - 2nd and goal from the 1, basically the exact same play three straight times with the same exact result. No TD.

Washington - 2nd and 1 from the 2, two bad runs, no 1st down.

The players have to execute, but the coaches have to carry some of the weight. It's funny, I was watching other games yesterday and I saw teams spreading out the formation on the goal line, I saw them passing the ball, I saw them doing so many other things than just lining up and trying to smash the ball into the end zone. Not the Eagles, though.

The definition of insanity is when you continue to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result each time. Anemic 2 minute offense, terrible play-calling, bad clock management, personnel deficiencies...these are all staples of Andy Reid's regime. It's nothing new. He's certainly a decent coach but his failure to make adjustments on the fly kills this team. He doesn't believe in the run (the thing I hate the most). Plus, he's getting out coached in more games every year. The miscue's make you want to break your TV. It's time to start following our sixers - a real team; enough with birds.

Max reply to Max on Oct 6 at 12:30

By the way, Westbrook suffered fractured ribs yesterday. It was the first thing Reid mentioned in his press conference today. Just a little more salt on an open wound.

Ugh, just saw the story and put up a post. What a waste. Football is a cruel, cruel game for fans.

C. Portis on Oct 6 at 17:34

The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. That's why I don't get the package. 6 or 7 games is plenty of pain for one year.

My blood pressure usually goes through the roof this time of year, at least it's only the Eagles who are killing me right now, and not a disappointing first-round exit for the Yanks as well.

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