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So, should they draft an undersized LB, a disappointing TE, or a WR that will ride the bench for 3 years and then get cut?

(Andy Reid is dead to me.)

My guess is that they'll trade out of the first round, twice (their pick and carolina's pick), then draft an undersized defensive lineman in the second, preferably an end. They'll address all of their biggest needs on the second day of the draft, if at all, then go into next season saying, "We have the pieces we need to contend this season." And I'll fall for it, again.

ugh. This season is officially over. No wonder Westbrook couldnt get away from London Fletcher.
I have lots of respect for Westbrook toughing it out. Hes a Warrior. I will miss him this year...
As far as the Eagles are concerned...they are toast. Id say week 10 or so when the Eagles are 5-5(optomistic) we better start looking at Kevin Kolb.

Nah, as soon as they can't make the playoffs McNabb will start playing well and Reid will start running Westbrook about 30 times a game. It'll be their annual, "win some meaningless games to keep our jobs," stretch. Just like the end of the season last year.

It'd be fun to see them play like that when the games actually mattered, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

C. Portis on Oct 6 at 17:24

This guy is soft. Either that, or he is great at faking injuries.

I'm not sure how you fake broken ribs, and he did play pretty much the rest of the game with the injury, so I'm not sure soft is a fair characterization. I sure wish he could stay on the field, though. Not that it really matters.

I try to look for something positive after each loss, but after this news, it just ain't happenin'.

Again I'll raise this question...
If the Eagles are 7 - 9 (or worse),
do the Eagles finally go in a different direction?

One blogger astutely explained the definition of insanity and had Reid down to a T. He stubbornly clings to his game plan even when it becomes obvious it's merely arranging deck chairs on the sinking Titanic. Before the Eagles fall to a 3 - 13 season, it's time to move on.

I think it'll probably take more than a 7-9 season for them to pull the plug on Reid.

Andy Reid press conference after the Eagles are 7-9.
"Im not going to say we had a bad year, I just didnt put the players in a position to win the games and thats on me. I saw some good things there in the last few games and I believe with a few minor tweaks we can get back to the super bowl" "Were going to look at the tapes and get back after it next year..."

You forgot, "We've been very successful with this group of wide receivers."

You guys have Andy down to a T. His canned lines and lack of valid explanations are enough to drive an Eagle fan to drink heavily.

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