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Im about done with Andy Reid. Can you think of one...even ONE game where you can say...."Andy really managed his timeouts well", or "they made half time adjustments and that was the difference in the game"...I cant. Unless Andy has had some super talent to bail him out (Mcnabb, westbrook, TO) his gameplans just dont work. Im tired of teams with far less talent winning. I mean really...are the Giants THAT much better than the Eagles man for man? I say no...Im looking forward to the next coachine era. Andy Reid, much like Larry Brown has run his course in this town...

I always kind of laugh because I'd say about 50% of the time they come out looking like world beaters. Every single time the announcers say, "You know, Reid scripts his first 15 plays," then they completely shit the bad for the next 50 plays. It's like he can't call a game for crap if the plays aren't written down for him.

I'm sick of it. A loss at San Fran will turn this blog into a very unpleasant place for me to vent my frustration with this organization.

BrianS reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 22:06

The problem is a win to San Fran (while better than a loss) proves nothing. Oh, it's just the Niners.

(Granted, I won't be surprised if anyone beats the Eagles)

Same with Atlanta and Seattle. To give me any hope for this season, they need to win those three games AND beat the Giants.

We should start a blogging campaign to get rid of Greg Lewis, for starters. Is he Andy's love child or does he have compromising pictures of him with farm animals?

As for Reid, I think I agree with gdog. He's run his course in this town. I'm so puking tired of the West Coast offense! We need to see something new and a new approach. If Lurie is determined to keep Reid, take away GM decisions and either give the job truly to Tom Heckert or hire someone else. Don't let Reid make the personnel decisions.

excuses excues face it the giants are the class of the nfl and the eagles are a VERY DISTANT 4th place in the east alone.no playoffs at least u only have to wait till feb 14th opening day of spring training .. by the way i believe u own me a dinner.. better luck next year with kevin kolb

The Eagles are looking pretty average at this point but lets not forget about the Sixers !!!
At least the Eagles are only a few steps behind the Giants...the Knicks dont even belong in the same league with the Sixers. There has never been a bigger mess in any sport than the Knicks. Thanks Isiah!

I officially renounce the eagles until we get a new GM, personnel man, and a new coach. 10 years of this regime is enough. I just can't take the stubborn arrogance anymore. It permeates from the top down. Even when the sixers were terrible I never quite felt this way.

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