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Amir Johnson should be owned. Drop Maxiell for him.

Amir's fantasy production is beast on a per minute basis. By beast I mean Marcus Camby caliber per minute. Small sample size, but he isn't going to all of a sudden be horrible.

Calderon was a steal though. Calderon = Nash, Deron, Iverson in fantasy terms.

I know Amir is supposed to be the starter at PF, but Maxiell has been getting the minutes so far in the preseason. I'll have to keep an eye on it. May try to pick him up, I have an empty roster spot.

Yeah, I was shocked I got Calderon for that little. I've seen him go for $30+ in other drafts. I had budgeted $30 for him, but couldn't have spent it.

Budgeted $53 for LeBron, wound up paying $60. Budgeted $35 for Brand, wound up paying $39.
Got Iguodala for the $30 I budgeted. Josh Smith went for $36, which shocked me.

I really love these auction drafts.

That was the first of those that I've done. I enjoyed it, but I see where I could have done different things with my team. Thanks again for setting it up!

You probably overpaid for Rose a little, but otherwise I think you did a good job. Your team is solid.

I traded Rose to Kelper for Ronnie Brewer. I just went after Rose to spite Rickhouse!

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