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I agree that moving Dan Klecko back into the FB position is not going to solve the problem. Eagles rarely throw to their FBs, so from that standpoint, no harm can be done. But on the two plays I noticed Klecko last week, he missed his blocks. Pretty bad when the only time you notice a guy is when he's screwing up. (And I really want to like Klecko as a player being that most of my family (self included) went to Temple).

That said, Tony Hunt is a big back. He could run the ball 20 times a game without worry about whether he can take the punishment. The same can not be said about Buck and who knows about Booker. (Still remembering the Lance Briggs hit vs Chicago that had Booker wondering what team he played for and where he was).

Also I'd like to again suggest a blogging campaign to get rid of Greg Lewis, and in addition to increasing DeSean Jackson's involvement in the offense, throw a couple to Hank Baskett. McNabb and Reid both seem to have forgotten that he even exists.

BTW, what is the status of Curtis... will he play? And of Shawn Andrews?

Also sadly, I agree with your take on McNabb. Time to walk the walk, not just talk. Back it up on the field, Don.

On the Inquirer Eagles blog, Westbrook (of course) is out along with Reggie Brown (groin). Kevin Curtis made the trip to San Fran but will not start. He may be used in a limited role.

Jaqua Parker did not practice but is expected to play, and Victor Abiamiri is back for his first game this season. J.R. Reed did not make the trip (hamstring) and Andrews is out for the fourth straight game (back).

This means another start for Buck and at WR, Hank Baskett and DeSean Jackson.

It also reports that the NFL fined Tank Daniels $5,000 for the face mask on Antwan Randle El, and rookies DeSean Jackson and Quintin Demps $10,000 each for celebrating after Jackson's 68 yard punt return.


L.J. Smith is starting, not that they'll call any plays for him. So I guess they've got that going for them.

Curtis could help, if he sees the field. Reggie Brown being out and Curtis seeing limited playing time probably means more opportunities for Greg Lewis to drop passes.

Here's a Campaign slogan...
How many signatures can we get on this?

I wonder if McNabb will still find a way of ignoring Baskett, even with him starting. We'll never know what Baskett can do if he only gets one or two passes thrown his way per game.

And at this point, why not give Celek a start at TE? How could it hurt? And is Shoebel now the 3rd TE, or is he MIA?

All the TEs are MIA as far as I'm concerned. It's either a bail out pass to a back for 2 yards, a 5-yard route to the #3 or #4 receiver, or nothing.

Tony Hunt could run the ball 20 times a game without worry about whether he can take the punishment. The same can not be said about Buck and who knows about Booker.

gdog2004 on Oct 12 at 11:04

whats up Brian...I think you NEED to put up a post on the Eagles possibly aquiring Tony Gonzales

I never heard of that source but it seems its mentioned a couple places.

I know hes 32 but hes probably got at least 2 years left...Isnt that about what Mcnabb has left in an Eagles uniform ?

Would this not help TREMENDOUSLY with our red zone production ?

It says they are asking for a 3rd round pick...
Assuming it takes a few years for a player to develop heres some of the eagles previous draft picks in the third round

2007- S Bradley and Tony Hunt..
2006-Chris Gocong
2005-Ryan Moats
2004--Matt Ware

See my point ? I mean hell outside of Bradley there are NO impact players there and no one even close to what Gonzales can bring to the table.
Having Gonzales at TE along with Curtis/Jackson/Brown at Wideout and Westbrook would rejuvenate this offense...

A HUGE part of the Eagles offense sucking this year has been the invisible play of the TE in both the passing AND running game. Gonzales fixes all that...
LJ's a good guy but the bottom line is he hasnt done squat in since 2006. Cut him and send a 3rd round pick to KC...

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