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And what a bonus that Dallas and the Skins lost in the last minutes of their game as well! 3-3 is only one game away from 4-2.

Tony Gonzalez is on the block and Gcdog had reported that the Eagles were among the contenders. Have you heard anything more of this? I had heard NY was pursuing him, which isn't a good thing for us, as we already can't stop any decent TE we face.

You know I went into the 49'ers game not caring...I was like its "only" the 49ers and even if they win it proves nothing. But I must say it feels DAMN good to get a win. 49ers to their credit played a great 3 quarters...Frank Gore was a beast. Im seeing that on any given sunday anybody can beat anybody so a win is a win. No matter who it is against.
Buckhalter was amazing. Oh and that 3rd and 1 play late in the game...he DEFINITELY got the first down IMO...didnt he ?
As far as Tony Gonzales...I hope the Birds get him. Otherwise watch him light up the Eagles while playing for the Giants. He can still play and while LJ did make a nice TD catch he still looked REALLY bad on a couple plays. Give Mcnabb a serious weapon and lets make a run while the window is still cracked open a tiny bit...

The pick that TKO got on McNabb was probably LJ's fault, he took a lazy route.

I'd rather see Gonzalez on the downside of his career on our side than on the Giant's. We're staying alive...

And on a positive note, aren't we great coming out of a bye week statistically?

Yeah, they've always been good after byes (except in the super bowl :( )

It's worth a third rounder just to keep him away from the Giants, let alone the production he'd bring to the team.

When you think of it, a third rounder is a little more than the price of a happy meal for an oldie but goodie. Besides, if he doesn't land here, he'll probably land with the Giants, and that means we'll have to see him twice and defend against him, something the Eagles haven't been able to do with any TE they've faced so far.

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