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I honestly don't remember ever being as pumped for the season the start as I am right now. There's no question that we will be a significantly better team this year than we were last, but there really is no way to know how good we can be (especially looking at other teams in the East that have improved like Toronto). I love the Iggles and Phils, but Sixers basketball is gonna keep me warm over the winter.
Also, I'm gonna buy out every Thad Young jersey they got...I haven't decided yet whether I'll sell them myself or just keep them all.

At times last year when I watched Thad I found it hard to believe he was a rookie. He just has a feel for the game that you don't see in rookies, let alone 19 year-old rookies. Hell, you don't see it in a lot of veterans either. The fact that he has that feel and every physical tool you could ask for in a player means there are no limits to how good he could be.

If his jumper progresses, we could be talking about a perennial all star.

He is a tremendous talent and if he hits his peak...wow

It is still early to say Thad's made the huge leap yet. Let us see what happens when the season is a month old or so. However, I certainly wouldn't put it past him. He had the highest efficiency of any rookie that played significant minutes and was 3rd in the entire league in adjusted +/- in the entire league.

If Thad can score in the manner has in the preseason so far, the Sixers are going to be really, really tough. A legit contender, as if you recall, our biggest problem was scoring if the transition game fails. Having him out on the wing with Iggy will also make 2 of the main scoring positions of the other teams (SG / SF) have a very difficult time.

The biggest thing to watch for in Thad making the leap (I think) is his driving and going to the line. Even the best shooters will have off days but the guys who get to the line a lot seem to be the top scorers day in and day out. If you took away all Durant's free throws his rookie year was barely better than Adam Morrison.

Thad or Durant?

I take Thad, been saying it since last year. Durant is a volume shooter who doesn't really bring much else to the table.

Chris reply to Joe on Oct 14 at 11:26

My point on Durant was he was able to save his season by living on the free throw line (going a ton and then making almost 90%). If not for that, his stats otherwise were almost the same as Adam Morrison (who almost everyone agreed had a bad rookie year).

If Thad can start getting to the line I think he can be unstoppable. Right now, he barely goes at all.

Agreed. It's going to depend on his style at the three. If he's spotting up for open jumpers he won't get to the line much. I don't think that's going to be the staple of his game, though. Last year he was great at moving without the ball, slashing to the hoop, let's hope he keeps those instincts when he has the ball in his hands this season.

I am VERY psyched for the season. I think Thad is a very good player...it remains to be seen how good but if he can chip in 13-15 a night while maintaining a high percentage the Sixers are going to be a lot better than the 47-50 wins people seem to be projecting them too...

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