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I dont see Roy Williams getting traded...obviously if hes available try and get him but I dont see it happening and honestly I dont have an issue with Kevin Curtis/Desean Jackson/Baskett with Reggie Brown and Avant filling in.
The wide receivers have been good to very good minus the skins game.
Tight End has sucked pretty much all year. Celek and LJ have done next to nothing. Even a 32 year old Gonzo is top 3 or 4 in the league. This guy had 99 catches LAST YEAR. 3rd round pick is nothing for his talent...even if it only lasts 2 years. WTF are we building towards ? I mean really...we all know Mcnabb and westbrook only have a few years left in peak form. After that...who knows what this team will be like with Kevin Kolb and Tony Hunt ?!? under center.
I think it all comes down to if Gonzales wants to come to Philly. I would think the birds would be interested...unless they just dont want to win.

I could see the Birds taking a pass because they don't want to part with a first day pick. It's stupid, but I could definitely see them doing it.

Brian, with what you just said to gdog...
This is why someone has to wrestle control away from Andy Reid in the GM department!!! Either give the job in power as well as title to Tom Heckert, or get someone else but DON'T LET ANDY PULL THE PERSONNEL STRINGS! Andy is stubborn and myopic and looks like he was separated at birth from Porky Pig (wish I could give a graphic on that one).

I wouldn't mind seeing Roy Williams here, he'd be like Chad Johnson with less of a mouth and attitude. I'm glad to see McNabb finally remembered who Hank Baskett was for a few plays and would still like to see more of him. He's big, fast, not afraid to catch a ball up the middle and would be a good third receiver behind Jackson and Curtis (if he ever gets healthy). And Lewis has still gotta go! Avant hasn't shown much either but at least deserves the rest of the year to see what he's got.

I'd still like to see the Eagles land Gonzalez. I agree with Gdog that he's still one of the best in the league, even if he has lost a step. LJ has just lost something and I agree that McNabb's INT was LJ's fault. Celek hasn't evolved (yet) and may just need more time and a better TE to learn from. Two years learning under Gonzalez and he might just be the TE we need.

it was definitely great to see Baskett get that red zone opportunity.

The main thing about both Williams and Gonzalez is that they're big, athletic targets who can go up and fight for the ball, especially in the red zone. That's something this team has been lacking.

YEP, exactly Brian! LJ doesn't fight for the ball and they don't have size at receiver aside from Baskett.

I expected more from Celek this year though. After seeing him in his rookie training camp last year, I thought he'd be a good one. Maybe under a guy like Gonzalez, he could learn to be. But this year, he looks slow and out of sync.

OK. Now I really am depressed. ESPN is reporting he's going to the Cowboys (probably for a 2nd and a 3rd rounder). What the heck is Banner and Reid doing? Aargh!


Chris reply to Chris on Oct 14 at 16:52

ESPN amended the article. The Cowboys got Roy Williams for a 1st, 3rd and a 6th. He was the guy I was wishing the Eagles would have gotten. The price looks a little steeper than I would have thought.

Douchebag Joel Banner. Good thing we have 500 draft picks and many milions under the cap so this way we will be able to continue to struggle as a team while our best players move well past their prime. I could just see the same bullshit line as always..."were happy with the guys we have" ...sure you are. I look forward to watching LJ Smith drop more passes and get blown up on blocking assignments. Enjoy watching the Cowboys end the eagles season at the end of the year with a TD pass to Roy Williams. F***ers.

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