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Hmm---I wonder if all of these elite NFC east teams fans are panicking like Eagles fans did..(me included)
At least we lost to Chicago(a team that could be 6-0 themselves) and Washington. Not the Browns and the Rams.
Just goes to show you the season is a marathon not a sprint. I hope by the end of the day Tony Gonzales is an Eagle. Howard Eskin of 610 said the birds have talked to the Chiefs about aquiring him. You think the Patriots are regretting the 4th round pick they gave up for Randy Moss? If it takes a 2nd round pick to get this guy do it...Again....99 catches LAST SEASON. If we get 3 good years out of him and a Super Bowl who cares if we lost one of our MANY draft picks.

Do you think the Eagles could use the Moss trade as a comparison for what they should give up for Gonzalez?

I think they'd probably have to give up more than the Pats did. That was an absolute joke.

I'd probably do a second round pick for him. Like I said in an earlier post, they have two first rounders next year, and I'm sure Reid will look to trade down to acquire more picks, as usual. Just go for broke.

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