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THANK YOU, BRIAN, for giving the Phils their props! No baseball analysts expected the Phils to get to the playoffs, let alone be a game away from the World Series. I AM SO PROUD OF THIS TEAM!

And you're not the only one wrong about Lidge. In thinking the Phils were giving away a great young leadoff man in Michael Bourn and getting taken (again), I was VERY WRONG in questioning Lidge's psychological fortitude and physical health as a competitor and closer. And Bourn never made much of an impact in Houston. Once again Ed Wade got taken, but this time, it wasn't as the Phil's GM! Gillick, on the eve of his retirement, finally got the best on a trade!

But as a superstitious fan, please don't say Lidge still hasn't blown a save! The ghost of M.W. (can't say his name, he's bad luck) haunts many of us. I've grown to love Lidge, but he's given us cause to worry in a few recent games.

Here's the questions...If you are new GM Ruben Amaro (hopefully) or Mike Arbuckle (Or maybe Cashman gets the job if the Yankees were stupid enough to fire him, which I hope is not likely).

Will a World Series appearance help draw in that elusive ace the Phils haven't been able to sign in years? Do we have a legitimate chance of luring a guy like C.C. Sabathia?!

Payroll should increase dramatically next year. Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels are eligible for arbitration and deserve huge paydays. Jason Werth, Joe Blanton, Ryan Madson, Eric Bruntlett are also eligible for arbitration. And of course, Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell are both free agents.


And is there still money to address the gaping holes at third base and catcher ?!

I think Hamels is that guy. He's a stud. As far as signing CC, I don't think any pitcher in his right mind would want to pitch in that band box. They're going to have to severely overpay to get someone, like the Rockies did for Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle years ago.

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