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You're wrong about Howard, the Phils control him for 3 more arbitration seasons. He won't be eligible for free agency until after the 2011 season. They might consider trading him before that but the Yanks won't be able to sign him as a FA until after 2011.

You're absolutely right. It's fixed.

A lot has been made about Bowa's ( and Torre's) influence on Cano, but the Dodgers also have another guy who left the Yankees who happened to work with Cano on that whole hitting thing. Back in 2005 Don Mattingly said that he thought Cano was a future batting champ. At the time Cano was a rookie and hitting below .300. The next year he hit .342, and hit over .300 with more walks in 2007. I'm not saying Donnie made Cano a better hitter, but he saw potential there that did turn into reality for awhile. Cano was a .278 minor leaguer hitter and I sure didn't see a batting champ when he came up.

Excellent point. I think it's hard to quantify a hitting coach's effectiveness, but he was there working with Cano for his best two years.

I can't see the Phils trading Ryan Howard. Having said that, arbitration got bitter last year, and the Phils had to fork over much more (3 mil. more) than they offered. There are probably hard feelings on both sides. I could see him becoming a Yankee in 2011 however and if we have to lose him in Philly, I'd love to see him as a Yankee.

Again, a cheaper short-term option for the Yanks that doesn't cost them future talent is that Pat Burrell could be moved to first and will give you 30 HR a season with far less strikeouts than Howard and about the same number of walks. (Sorry, I'm on my campaign to find Burrell a good home as I doubt we'll re-sign him!) Sign Burrell for two or three years, then you get Howard in free agency for 2011. Burrell > Giambi at this point.

As for Prince Fielder, looking at the size of him, he looks like he ate the whole infield. He's as big as his dad was at the end of his career. I'd worry he'd eat himself out of a job. And you'll probably have to ransom a King's fortune to get him.

And is Posada recovering and rehabbing well?
Agreed that Molina is your backup, not a starter. And I'm betting that you have a better shot at CC than the Phillies do, although I'd love to see him as a Phillie.

nick blasioli on Oct 15 at 11:21

you are wrong about tex..i say sign him and cc and trade for another pitcher and next year will be a winning year.

I wouldn't be pissed if they got Teixeira, on paper he fills an immediate need better than any other free agent. There's just something about him that doesn't sit right with me.

I think I understand the hesitation with Texeira. While he's put up good numbers, he hasn't gotten very far, has he? Last year Atlanta grabbed him, hoping to get into the playoffs. No luck. The Halos traded for him, and they were eliminated in round one. He hasn't lit any fires where he's been or motivated anyone around him or taken it to another level.

Again, I can see CC in a Yankee uniform next year. And with Pettite, you never know. Moose looked cooked after 2007, and came back for an awesome season! Maybe Pettite can do the same, although in order of priority, I'd think a hypothetical rotation of CC, Wang, Moose, Joba and Hughes
would make Pettite the odd man out.

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