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Didn't we have two first rounders this year anyway?! What the hell are we stock piling picks for?!

One good thing is the Cowboys are relying on 60 yr. old Brad Johnson to come out of mothballs. Maybe he won't have the arm strength to find T.O. and Roy Williams? Here's hoping they lose games before Romo comes back, cause when Romo comes back with these weapons at his disposal, that's bad news.

Where did Gonzalez land anyway and what did the Chiefs get for him?

Chris reply to JJ on Oct 14 at 20:33

It is really annoying they keep 'stockpiling' picks and then keep trading down to get guys like McCoy and such. What is the likelihood they'd have done better in draft than Roy Williams? Highly unlikely. The Eagles really could have used Roy Williams as he's big, very fast and could be a legit #1 receiver to have across from DeSean. He is still young and in his prime too.

It would at least have kept the Cowpokes from getting him. I think Banner cares more about keeping well under the cap than putting the best team out there. Say what you will about Ed Snider but no one ever doubted he would put it all on the line to get the best talent (in the days before the NHL salary cap).

gdog2004 on Oct 14 at 19:16

He didnt land anywhere. I could see the Giants not wanting to give up too much for him...after all they just won the super bowl last year with the TE they currently have. But the Eagles ?
Man why the hell not ? Rumor was they wanted a 3rd round pick. I cant think of ONE player the Eagles have drafted in the third round in the last 10 YEARS (outside of westbrook) that could have the impact gonzales could on this offense(short term---2-3 years)
Eagles management blows...they give you a decent product...but never enough to win it all. The ONE year they went for broke and signed TO and Kearse we went to the super bowl. That last game of the year is going to be a heartbreaker for Eagle fans. No more double covering TO with Roy Williams on the other side. They couldnt cover him on Detroit...with a crappy QB and NO run game. Getting Gonzo would have shown a serious commitment to winning it all...Im sure Mcnabb is cursing Joel Banner as well. Douchebags.

Did Dallas get a lot better? Roy Williams is a good receiver, and he does make them better, but they traded a lot of picks to improve their offense -- which was already excellent -- when I think their biggest area of weaknesses is in the secondary.

I'm annoyed that we could get Tony G, too, though.

Their offense got a lot better. The one weakness was that you could double TO and not worry about the other receivers. They now have two legit #1 receivers. Luckily, it'll be Brad Johnson throwing to them for a month.

You're probably right that their biggest area of need is their secondary, but this still makes them better. They may regret trading the picks, but I kind of admire Jerry Jones for going for broke, it's something the Eagles just won't do.

I think GDog hit the nail on the head when he said Eagles management gives you a decent product, but not enough to win it all. Joe Banner and Jeff Lurie are Hollywood entertainment guys. They look at football as an entertainment product, like a movie or broadway show. Go to an Eagle game, and it's glitzy, it's slick, it's well choreographed before the opening kickoff. But Brian, you're right... an owner like Jerry Jones wants to win and goes for broke. An owner like Lurie just looks at the bottom line and profit margin.

This is why I grew to really like the Yankees. When a guy like George Steinbrenner or Ed Snider or Jerry Jones owns a team, they are more concerned about winning than they are about their reputations or pockets. We don't have that kind of ownership for the Phillies or the Eagles, and we need it.

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