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Speights is sooooo sick. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the game because it wasn't on, but these are the same things I was seeing from M16 in the Summer League. I went in not knowing much about him and came out asking myself, "Was that Mo Speights or Amare?"

Obviously he has a lot to learn, but someday Brian, someday he will be a star in this league.

I actually thought he was a wider body for some reason, he's quick and actually does remind me a lot of a young Brand. It's sad to say, but the Jason Smith injury could really open a door for him and that might be a very good thing for this team in the long run.

Nice, hadn't seen that video before.

Thanks Brian. Awesome recap. I am psyched about the Sixers...I wish Ed Stefanski was the GM of the Eagles. Now THERES a GM who gets it and understands that when you have a window to win a championship...you go for it. Thank you Ed.

If Iggy can get his TOs down, then his game can take that next step.

If you look at his splits, it appeared as though he was learning this late last season for what it is worth.


Yup, he raised the level of his game in just about every facet in the second half of the season. Even shot 36% from three.

Most important words or the post?

"He's quickened up his release a little."

Please be true. Thad and Smith have really slow releases and it was always a major concern in the back of my head. Thad's release has always been good though so I figured he would learn, as he does with everything else.

This brings up an important question in my book for next season... can Dalembert finally be purged from this roster?

There was no hesitation when he was open, and he definitely got through his shooting motion quicker. I'd say he definitely worked on speeding it up a little, but it didn't hurt his form. He brought the ball up the court a couple times and didn't dribble it off his foot, he also had a couple of pretty drives to the hoop that ended with his whirling dervish spin move and a finger roll. It was sick.

Dalembert had a pretty good year last year. But in the playoffs he dissapeared when it mattered most.
I could see a LOT of Speights out there at the 4 and Elton at the 5 as the year goes on...
Ed Stefanski is a friggin genius. I love this team.
Man think back to the last few years when we were stuck with Iverson and Webber...I had such an empty feeling that this team would never turn around and that you just couldn't win with Iverson no matter who you brought in(as evidenced in Denver). What a change...Go Sixers.

Sammy actually didn't look bad last night. He was completely marginalized, but he didn't play poorly. He hit a couple of jumpers in the lane on feeds from Brand down low, which was nice. He made a great cut to the hoop and was rewarded by an alley-oop from Iguodala which he threw down with one hand. More than anything, he didn't get the minutes.

I have mixed feelings about Sammy. Last year he played some mind blowing defense against some of the best bigs in the league, Tim Duncan comes immediately to mind. If Mo can find a way to keep him motivated without force feeding him the ball on offense, he can be a valuable asset to this team.

I do, however, think that Mo's small lineup for the fourth should probably be Brand, Speights, Thad, Iguodala and Miller. Maybe with Lou Williams mixed in from time to time.

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 15 at 12:27

I root for Dalembert. I root for him to understand how ot play basketball mostly.

gdog reply to Brian on Oct 15 at 20:33

I remember that game Brian. Sam was great against duncan down the stretch...but I would imagine if he faced Duncan more often he would be exposed. I dont know if its a case of motivation or if hes just not that talented. Time will tell...

I think it's desire. He has the physical skills to be a superior defender, quick feet, great length, jump through the roof. It comes down to tenacity.

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