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"You may remember him as the guy who recovered Greg Lewis' mishandled punt in the end zone for a touchdown in Green Bay's opening-day win over the Eagles last season."

They had to bring that up didn't they?

Perhaps they feel Trevor Laws has come around enough to contribute more at DT, so Klecko can now move full time to fullback to help out with their power running game, which sucks right now.

How about cutting the guy that mishandled that punt? That would've been a circular story, and change we can all believe in.

Is this move any different than drafting top 3 round picks like Quentin Caver, Billy McMullen, Jerome McDougle, Matt McCoy, Matt Ware, Ryan Moats, etc...and then cutting them? Then you have other picks still with the team but not really having glowing resumes (L.J.?, Reggie Brown, Winston Justice, etc..) Why are other teams getting more contributions but they aren't. Desean may be the one exception since Westbrook but still

If you jugde their overall body of work, they overvalue picks and their talent evaluation is mediocre. Under the Reid era, for every marginal starter they've drafted in rounds 1 through 4 there are two more mediocre players on the roster or who have been cut. I swear some years they just don't want to pay first round guaranteed money either. So they trade out.

Brian, if you haven't already done this, I'd like to see an overall draft rating of the Reid era. My hunch is it's been average at best. Maybe even a bit lower.

gdog reply to Max on Oct 16 at 6:46

I would love to see a draft analysis as well.
I think Defensively the Eagles have drafted well. Offensively ? Westbrook, Mcnabb and Andrews are the only standouts over 10 years. Thats it...

I see no reason why Reid cut Hunt. I don't see Klecko being a better option than Hunt at this point. And on a team that continues to carry Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed (who has a great story and may be a great guy but is the 53rd man on this team), the move doesn't make sense to me.

reid cut him because he is only 1 stroke of luck better at this than sucky brad childress is.cut matt schobel cut booker cut g lew cut tank daniels cut akeem jordan cut sean considine cut brent celek even.

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